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Rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose jobs, is a plastic surgery for correcting, reconstructing and enhancing the form and aesthetics of the nose.

Aside from its cosmetic uses, rhinoplasty is also a procedure for restoring nasal functions that are lost due to accidents, congenital defects or earlier surgeries such as a failed rhinoplasty.

Pioneered in ancient India by physician Sushruta (800 BC), rhinoplasty or was meant to reconstruct facial parts that were cut or damaged by religious practices or criminal punishment.

There were also accounts of early practices of rhinoplasty during the Roman Empire under the rule of Emperor Julian the Apostate (AD 331-336),

during the Euorpean Dark Ages (AD 5th-15th centuries) and in Italy during the 16th century. However, the term ‘rhinoplasty’ came from the Greek terms “rhis” (nose) and “plassein” (to shape).

There are different types of rhinoplasty being offered by plastic surgeons in Los Angeles: closed, open, filler, revision, and ethnic. Close rhinoplasty are used for minor surgeries while open rhinoplasty is used for major surgeries.

Revision rhinoplasty is used to correct failure from earlier nose surgery and ethnic rhinoplasty is used to enhance a patient’s ethnicity.

Candidates for rhinoplasty are those people who are unhappy with their noses. Probably because their nose is too large or too small

compared to the other features of their face or they can’t simply stand the sight of their irregularly wide nostrils. Those who are unhappy with their noses can visit the plastic surgeons in LA.

After a rhinoplasty from the plastic surgeons in LA, expect a lot of aesthetic benefits: a narrow bridge, resized nostrils, reshaped nose tip, and altered angle between the nose and upper lip, just to name a few.

Those who want to undergo surgery must make sure to explain clearly, in detail, to their plastic surgeon how they envision the look of their noses post-rhinoplasty. A photo of the ideal nose can also be brought for easy reference.

Rhinoplasty is a safe way to achieve one’s perfect nose dream. Patients must make sure to inform plastic surgeons in LA their health condition to prevent or alleviate complications during or after the surgery.

International Business Times. Did Carrie Underwood Get Plastic Surgery Country Star Accused Of International Business Times.

Carrie’s features seem to be enhanced by rhinoplasty that narrowed her bridge and reduced her natural bump and tip Dr. Jon Perlman a

Carrie Underwood is a cover girl, but if the latest rumors regarding the country singer are to be believed, her “natural” beauty might have been surgically enhanced.


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