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 Facts You Should Be Aware Of Before Having Rhinoplasty Surgery In Nashville Tn

Nose job surgery is a nose cosmetic surgery which helps to reshape the nose. It’s is also called rhinoplasty surgery.

This method of nose improvement or nose surgery maybe one of the best cosmetic surgeries that could help improve the nose features according to your wishes as to how your nose looks.

It my improve the appearance of your nose and get it to look more like you desire It can many time change the hereditary look.

This surgery is useful in reshaping the nose according to the your own desired facial appearance.

This surgery is usually done to increase or decrease the size of nose tip and also to narrow down the nostrils which may or may not be very wide.

Nose jobs are usu
ally performed under general anesthesia, so it is normal to feel tired, dizzy or nauseated once the anesthesia wears off.

Most patients are able to go home the same day of the surgery, but you will need someone with you to provide support, including driving you home.

A nose job might seem like a simple cosmetic surgery procedure when compared to other procedures, but nothing can be further from the truth.

Although it is less invasive than other procedures, it is highly sensitive as any injury to the nasal region; surgical or non surgical, is extremely painful.

If you have undergone rhinoplasty, keeping a nose job recovery journal could help in your recovery.

Stimulating a speedy recovery does not start after the surgery, but long before you have the surgery.

If you intend to be up on your feet in the shortest time possible after a nose job, it is important to follow your surgeons directions and instructions.

Whether you were born with your nose in the shape it is today, or you were involved in an accident that caused your nose to become misshapen or over sized,  rhinoplasty surgery could to resolve the issues you have and help you to lead a more fulfilling and happier life.

For most people it is simply about wanting to improve the appearance of their nose.

Some people may have spent years hating the shape of their nose bridge, before finally finding the courage to change it. However there are times when a nose job may be required to correct a breathing problem or, to remedy a defect caused by a sports injury or accident.

In most every nose job procedure, it will be necessary to immobilize the nose with the use of a splint.
This will normally have to remain in place for a week at least. Dressings may be necessary for a day or two after the procedure as well.
It is very common to experience swelling and even bruising mainly around the area of the eyes. It will be impossible to breath through your nose at first, and blowing your nose needs to be avoided.

After having a nose job you are bound to feel a lot more confident, as the issues you had with your face will be gone. If you have decided that you definitely want to get a nose job you can find a cosmetic surgery clinic online and can arrange your first consultation with a surgeon.
In this meeting you will discuss the reasons why you want the surgery and the surgeon will assess your suitability to it. If they believe you are a good candidate you will then be able to book the official date of your surgery.

Be sure that you do your homework and find a board certified surgeon who many successful surgeries to there credit and has clients who are pleased with there new look.


Liposuction before and after smart lipo

Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center
3 Winslow Place
Paramus, New Jersey 07652

Follow my experience from initial consult to final result as I undergo Tumescent smart lipo liposuction surgery in Paramus, New Jersey Bregen County.

Hi. Welcome to Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. I'm going to be having liposuction surgery, aka liposculpture surgery smart lipo today in a couple different areas. So he's going to to perform arm liposuction back here and abdominal lipo around my waist. The lovely love handles area, a little tummy liposuction and a little back liposuction. Thigh liposculpture around my outer thighs, and inner thigh liposuction a little bit. It's to contour those areas where I have a little bit more padding.

The interesting thing about claudia is she is one of my employees at my Gartner Plastic Surgery center. I've known her for over six years now. We've worked in New Jersey together for a long time and she is probably the last person I would've thought that would of been interested in smart lipo liposuction just because she's been seeing thousands of lipo surgery patients come and go and since she's been working with me pretty much exclusively for the last several months I think she has seen I've had many types of liposuction patients who are very satisfied, very happy with their liposuction before and after results.

Getting to see Dr. Gartner's lipo surgery patients. Getting to see how he interacts with his patients as a liposuction specialist. Seeing his patients before and after liposuction results. I feel very comfortable with him. I mean Smart Lipo is a very private procedure and it is kind of intimate. You've got to trust your liposuction doctor and you've got to have that bond. I've had the opportunity to be around him for years. I've seen him in the operating room. I've seen him with his patients before and after liposuction. I'm comfortable with him being my liposuction doctor. Very much so. He is a liposuction specialist.

For claudia we performed tumescent smart lipo liposuction of the abdominal area, stomach, of the waist, the lower back,and then the inner and outer thighs. We first started by addressing her abdominal area. That for her was one of her primary concerns. We initially did that and then performed liposculpture on the flanks or the love handle area and the lower back. We actually turned her completely on her side so we could really get in to lipo her lower back. Really give her some assemblance of a waist, somewhat of a shape. That takes a little longer but i think it is really an important thing for any patient who wants to really address this area well. It also allows us to see how the skin sits, how the tissues fall, because when they're laying flat you can be fooled and when I do a liposuction procedure I take it very seriously and I want to make sure that we're seeing everything from all true angles that would be replicated when someone is standing up.

It's been a couple weeks since claudia had smart lipo liposuction. Pretty much all her swelling is gone. I think there is maybe a little more liposuction recovery time to go but 95 percent of it is gone. She looks great. What's nice is when prospective lipo patients call she can show them her liposuction before and after results, or even tell them on the phone. It's one thing to have seen all these liposuction procedures. To actually have gone through it, had Liposculpture in New Jersey, you can actually empathize with the patient. What you're saying is actually correct. If someone is telling you something it's one thing, but if in fact they had it done then there's some credibility there. Oh my god you have shrunk up a lot.

I would definitely getsmart lipo liposculpture again. I have no hesitation saying that even though there's pain afterwords. Even though there was a time during my liposuction recovery when I was swollen. I would easily get lipo surgery again just because I feel so much more comfortable now. Looking back i kind of almost wish I would have thought about having lipo surgery sooner. It's amazing how much fat can be removed with liposuction in New Jersey.

Dramatically there is a huge change in my clothing. Dramatically there is a huge change when I put on a swimsuit. I feel it as well even just in the way that my body feels right now. It's a lot tighter. I don't have any of those little insecurities. Even when I bend over I don't have that bunch on the side. Where we usually have that little love handle.

I've always been pretty social and I've always kind of had a confidence behind me. Now it's like a little boost there. I don't do certain things like that now. Now I'm just pretty comfortable just being me.

Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center
3 Winslow Place
Paramus, New Jersey 07652
201 546-1890 (phone)

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